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Science & Service Delivering Success

As a premier distributor of PIONEER seeds and products to the Clark, South Dakota community, we are proud to offer the following services:

 •  Seed Sales

– Corn (In-field Delivery)

– Soybeans (In-field Delivery)

– Sunflowers

– Alfalfa

• Crop Scouting

At CK SEEDS we are in our customers fields from spring until fall. Our product knowledge and placement work for you to achieve better yields. Also we offer a professional scouting service which gives our customers live time updates on Encirca View to show the Farmer whats happening in his fields.

• Encirca™ Services

Encirca™ is a suite of services to empower our customers to make better decisions to be more efficient and achieve higher yields. From nitrogen management to crop marketing insights Encirca™ brings a huge value in ever evolving farm business.

Contact Austin Page for more information.

– VRS Maps

– Nitrogen Management

– Marketing Strategies

– Weather Analysis

• Dupont Crop Protection

CK SEEDS is now handling Dupont Chemistry. Dupont is the parent company of Pioneer and is very aggressively bundling seed and chemical. Many of the COOP settings stray away from Dupont Chemicals because the margins are not there for the retailer. We are offering the Chemistry to put the dollar back in the farmers pocket and provide excellent weed control.

– Corn

– Soybeans