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Corn Pollination

Pollination Success is Critical to Final Yield The number of kernels set is largely determined near the time of pollination. Yield losses due to reduced kernel set at pollination cannot be fully regained. Kernel set requires the successful completion of several plant processes. Production of viable pollen by the tassel. Interception of pollen by receptive […]

Early Season Weed Control In Corn Is Vital

This article was written by Mark Rosenberg, former SDSU Extension Agronomy – Weeds Field Specialist. Early season weed control is vital to both future yields and profitability, because early weed flushes compete intensely with corn for both nitrogen (N) and water. Dense weeds can also shade soils and make them cooler so that corn grows […]

Soil Temperature and Corn Emergence

Soil Temperature and Corn Emergence Crop Insights by Maria Stoll1 and Imad Saab2 Summary Introduction Optimal Temperature for Early Corn Growth Genetic Differentiation for Emergence in Cold Soils Timing of Cold Stress Impacts Germination Soil Temperature Fluctuations and Emergence Impact of Crop Residue on Soil Temperature Tips to Help Mitigate Early-Season Stress Effects on Emergence Additional Resources […]